What makes a good day?

May 4, 2007


Well, waking up to THIS, for a start.

Even the rather bizarre BBC reporting doesn’t seem to affect the general aura of well-being. Does make you wonder what would be classified as a good result in BBC-land though!

I suspect even Patricia Hewitt’s parliamentary researcher hates her after Patsy promised to answer any emails with queries or concerns about the health service on Question Time last night. I bet they are having rather a busy day

But I did wonder if she had a hand in introducing the new electoral system in Scotland, after I heard the man from the electoral commission on the Today programme explaining how they had expressly told the government that they should not hold the parliamentary and council elections on the same day as it would inevitably lead to confusion and problems with the new voting system. What did the government do-you guessed it. Result? 100,000 disenfranchised Scots. Are you sure you weren’t involved, Patricia



  1. I saw that too. It would be a good idea for you to follow up on some of those questions and answers, there could be some excellent leads for you to follow up.

  2. Not only that but we now witness the unedifying spectacle of the majority of the population making proxy fawning advances to one or two green zealots and an independent moonbat . The prize of government is given to the least principled (….anyone ..anyone ? …The Liberals of course), and no one knows what the effect of their vote will be.
    The result of the election is presented as a victory for Unionism on the basis that every other party is a default Unionist because they have UK wide support. It is no such thing , and politicians that have colluded in disguising the loss of sovereignty are complaining that Alex Salmon will try to use his power to further his stated cause .Novel ?
    What farce of a shambles of a insult to the word democracy.

    This morning on R4 I heard someone saying the ” New Politics” involved a federal system of belief where it was possible for local deals to be made that conflicted with the national position of the Party.T his would be called lying, or as Damien Runyan might have said “It will do ’til lying comes round the corner”. Guess which Party …anyone ….anyone ? The Liberals

  3. NM I have to agree. The idea of coalition government sounds superficially appealing to people fed up with adversarial politics, but when you realise it depends on keeping lunatic fringe parties onside it rather loses its gloss. When furthermore yoou realise that there is absolutely no way of getting controversial legislation through then you realise it is best left to the Europeans…and the Scots

  4. If anyone has ever thought that PR was a good idea they ought to follow the Byzantine harem machinations in the blasted land of the pictish horde.

  5. Mind you, it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch…

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