The Midas Touch?

May 1, 2007


Curriculum Vitae: The Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt MP

Current position: Secretary of State for Health

Current Salary: 136,677

1948: Born in Australia into a privileged family

Education: Canberra Girls Grammar School, Australian National University, Newnham College Cambridge, Nuffield College Oxford

1971: Press officer, Age Concern

1973: Press Officer, UK National Council for Civil Liberties (Liberty)

1974-83 General Secretary, Liberty

1981: Backs Tony Benn for Labour Deputy Leadership

1981: Tony Benn loses deputy leadership

1983: Stands for parliament in safe labour seat of Leicester East following defection of sitting MP to SDP

1983: Leicester East elects Peter Bruinvels (Conservative) to parliament

1983: Appointed press secretary and chief policy adviser to Neil Kinnock

1992: Neil Kinnock unexpectedly loses general election due to disastrous PR campaign

1989-94 Deputy head of institute of public policy research (leftwing thinktank)

1994-7: Head of research, Andersen Consulting (later Accenture-watch this space)

1997 : Elected MP for Leicester West

1999: Minister of state, DTI

2001: Secretary of State for Trade and Industry

Summary of manufacturing sector in the UK 1995-2003

Year Number of enterprises Total turnover Total employment –
average during the year
    (£ million) (Thousand)
1995 171,518 425,963 ..
1996 164,808 450,177 ..
1997 169,663 469,787 ..
1998 169,376 460,677 4,416
1999 170,196 461,771 4,269
2000 167,289 469,146 4,143
2001 164,718 461,898 3,969
2002 162,212 450,090 3,762
2003 158,528 447,178 3,534

(yes, we were doing all right until she walked into the DTI)

2003: Accenture awarded £1.9 billion contract to provide NHS IT infrastructure

2005: Britain’s last major car manufacturer (MG Rover) goes bust. Hewitt precipitates this by saying company had gone into administration while directors were still trying to work out a rescue deal. First airing of phrase “Hewitt Blewit”

2005 Appointed Secretary of State for Health

2005-6 NHS goes into deficit by £623 million

2006: Loses confidence of nursing profession: Heckled at conference after 7,000 redundancies announced

2006: Accenture pulls out of NPfIT citing losses of 1.1million per day (thanks Patsy)

2006-7: Loses confidence of medical profession: Attacks GPs for daring to hit government targets, hospital consultants for not working hard enough

2007: Creates Debacle in junior doctor training by implementing disastrous MTAS application process

In short she has turned almost everything she has touched to dust. What do you think: would you give her a job? I’m pretty sure she won’t be going back to Accenture



  1. Yes, but the most salient part of CV you missed- is big chum of TB, therefore can do no wrong

  2. Good point Guthrum. Mind you I wouldn’t put it on my CV!

  3. That is one scary CV and photo. The MTAS system would have made sure none of that information was given to any employer.
    Thanks for the post. Michelle

  4. Guthrum, in that case, will she be out on her ear after Blair steps down?

  5. Ellee I expect her to be given some crap sideways move like leader of the house.

    Mind you that would mean a lot of legislation wouldn’t get through because she’d stuff it up somehow. Maybe chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

  6. Who do you fancy as her replacement? I bet it’s a dead cert that she gets the push.

  7. Milliband-I think Brown will want to bury him

  8. Are any of them much better?

  9. […] junior doctors and they have just been completely shafted by the new MTAS system introduced by my favourite health secretary. What does the BMA do? nothing. In fact James Johnson wrote THIS letter to the Times today […]

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