If you’ve got IT, you’ve really got IT

April 25, 2007

Anyone who was in any doubt about the wisdom of letting this government introduce ID cards should read THIS post from Dr Crippen. As those of you who take any medical interest will know the government has recently introduced a computer application system for job applications for junior doctors: MTAS. This has been controversial enough, and the implementation could perhaps most kindly be described as a complete unmitigated disaster. Now we learn that someone in the DoH forgot to password protect the applications. So all the information in them (Address, phone no, sexuality, criminal record etc) was available for anyone to read on the web. Channel 4 have more details . This is what will happen if the ID cards bill goes through. Don’t let them do it




  1. Mens Sana, what is wrong with ID
    the bank has your personal & credit details
    your credit card or bank account tracks your ever move
    Your mobile phone tracks your every move.
    Why stop at half measures

    Exterminate the old and the sick
    Exterminate the poor and social services

    Exterminate the NHS, doctors & Consultants – no need for Consultants or Surgeons if there are no sick

    Oh Yes, I can see clearly NOW!
    I can see the new Jerusalem coming down.

  2. I say let’s put Patricia Hewitt’s personal details in the public domain – a lot of angry people want to ask her a lot of questions!

  3. I don’t think I could bear to listen to her answers, Ellee. Luckily she won’t be in charge of anything for very long

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