And another thing…

April 21, 2007

Praguetory and Iain Dale remind me that I missed out one part of the constitutional vandalism inflicted on us: The Prime minister, not content with giving himself effective personal control over the executive and legislature as well as a strong hand in appointing the judiciary has also appointed a toady/crony, elevated to the peerage following substantial donations to the labour party, as the governments senior law officer who would have to decide whether or not to bring charges against him if he were ever caught recommending people be… elevated to the peerage for making, er, substantial donations to the Labour party.

Surely, surely we won’t allow this to happen

And with the quality of members TB has put in the house of Lords isn’t it about time we removed the phrase “elevated to the peerage” from the language-perhaps you have suggestions for a replacement. My starter for ten is “plummeted to the peerage”



  1. Thanks for adding to the pressure. Maybe I’ll set up a Downing Street petition.

  2. What and give the Labour Party your email address and personal details? Maybe OK for an expat, but I wouldn’t go near the site. Or maybe thats a bit paranoid 😉

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