“Carrot = stick” shock

April 20, 2007

So while sipping a cocktail on the beach at Cannes, Lola found out I had offered her job to Ellee and went off in a strop. Which left me and the laptop and nothing else to do. I found THIS rather troublesome article. Apparently someone has studied brain activity and found that there’s no difference between the carrot and stick. Criminals get the same kick out of avoiding being caught as they do for completing a successful bank job.

Which is troubling…

Because it suggests that those who say that we would be just as effectively managed if we had the threat of losing our job hanging over us as under the current policy of handing over sackfuls of cash might have a point. Maybe I’ll pay more attention to that email I got yesterday about Performance objectives. Not that there’s anything wrong with my performance-just ask Lola



  1. Criminals get more of a kick
    out of claiming for dead patients on their patient drigs, or prescribing expensive drugs to patients who don’t need them – for resale at kickbacks

    Than they do out of treating live patients, or nursing sick patients back to health.

    Alas perverse incentives.
    PS tell Lola not to worry, if Elle is now driving you
    Lola can always come over and drive me ‘wild’ with passion, or absolutely ‘insane’ – whichever, I never know for sure which gets my testosterone going or gives me the higher thrill the most anymore – lol!

  2. I wsh I could say that had never happened, but unfortunately I read THIS in the CEN this week, so I can’t.

    Fortunately not everyone’s at it.

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